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Thaler v. Hirshfeld, 558 F. Supp. 3d 238 (E.D. Va. 2021)
US Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO) Decision on Petition: In Re: 16/524,350
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EP3564144 (Fractal Container)
EP3563896 (Neural Flame)
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Thaler v Commissioner of Patents [2021] FCA 879
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Republic of Korea KR 10-2020-7007394
Saudi Arabia 521422019
Switzerland 00408/21
Taiwan TW 108137438 & TW 108140133

Fractal Container Abstract

A container for use, for example, for beverages, has a wall with and external surface and an internal wall of substantially uniform thickness. The wall has a fractal profile which provides a series of fractal elements on the interior and exterior surfaces, forming pits and bulges in the profile of the wall and in which a pit as seen from one of the exterior or interior surfaces forms a bulge on the other of the exterior or interior surfaces. The profile enables multiple containers to be coupled together by inter-engagement of pits and bulges on corresponding ones of the containers. The profile also improves grip, as well as heat transfer into and out of the container.

Neural Flame Abstract

The present invention discloses devices and methods for attracting enhanced attention. Devices include: an input signal of a lacunar pulse train having characteristics of a pulse frequency of approximately four Hertz and a pulse-train fractal dimension of approximately one-half; and at least one controllable light source configured to be pulsatingly operated by the input signal; wherein a neural flame emitted from at least one controllable light source as a result of the lacunar pulse train is adapted to serve as a uniquely-identifiable signal beacon over potentially-competing attention sources by selectively triggering human or artificial anomaly-detection filters, thereby attracting enhanced attention.