The Artificial Inventor behind this project

“DABUS” is a patented AI system created by Dr. Stephen Thaler. It is a “Creativity Machine,” which refers to a particular type of connectionist artificial intelligence. Such systems contain a first artificial neural network, made up of a series of smaller neural networks, that has been trained with general information from various knowledge domains. This first network generates novel ideas in response to self-perturbations of connection weights between neurons and component neural nets therein. A second “critic” artificial neural network monitors the first neural network for new ideas and identifies those ideas that are sufficiently novel compared to the machine’s pre-existing knowledge base. The critic net also generates an affective response that in turn injects/retracts perturbations to selectively form and ripen ideas having the most novelty, utility, or value.

Details on DABUS may be found here:

Other Inventive Machines

The “Invention Machine” by John Koza which relies on genetic programming. Details may be found on Dr. Koza’s website. See, also, Popular Science.