The Artificial Inventor Project


Legal Research Underlying the Artificial Inventor Project

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Detailed information regarding how DABUS functions and invents has been published in: Vast Topological Learning and Sentient AGI.

Additional details on DABUS may be found at Imagination Engines, Inc.

OGther Inventive Machines



World Intellectual Property Office (WIPO)

General Resources on Intellectual Property and Artificial Intelligence

WIPO Technology Trends 2019—Artificial Intelligence

Artificial Intelligence and Intellectual Property

United States Patent and Trademark Office

Artificial Intelligence 

Public Views on Artificial Intelligence and Intellectual Property Policy

United States Patent and Trademark Office

Government response to call for views on artificial intelligence and intellectual property

European Patent Office (EPO)

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Annual “Humies” Awards For Human-Competitive Results Produced By Genetic And Evolutionary Computation

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